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Mahmodabadi AZ

Mahmodabadi AZ
Zahedan Branch,
West Indies

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    Faulty Gene, Lincoln's Heritage or the Power of Leader!
    Author(s): Mahmodabadi AZMahmodabadi AZ

    Donald Trump Pens perhaps is the first president in the history of the United States who despite of accompanying with the policies of the Republican Party, has been seriously criticized and so controversial by some of them. But it should be noticed that US is the same country and its supporters are the same people, but the only thing has been changed and so make Donald Trump controversy from the moment of the election to the day that lasts less than a year, and someone ask his impeachment, is the change of world discipline and regional and trans regional evolutions. Therefore, there are two solutions, either the United States must continue with obstinacy of Trump and then end up with him after five years of international struggles even war in the next presidential election, and replaced him with the first pro-democracy woman after 231 years in the history of the United States, which d.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000317

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