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Leroy A Binns

Leroy A Binns
The Union Institute,

  • Commentary
    Cuba: Contesting the Odds
    Author(s): Leroy A BinnsLeroy A Binns

    As Cuba confronts the void created by the demise of the Soviet Union she adopts principles in association with a market economy yet struggles to uphold communism. The journey herein evaluates public policy and its relation to impact and philosophical interpretation. Addressed are intrinsic executions the likes of restoration of the monetary regime, agricultural reformation and the emergence and sustenance of local ownership. The document also seizes the opportunity to confirm Cuba’s engagement as an active participant in global trade and investment and her commitment to reconstruction of diluted communal services to a population under economic duress. While perceptible the course of evolution is subject to obstacles, the material under discussion is evidence of appraisal and attestation to social correctness... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000124

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