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Lawani MM

Lawani MM


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    Study of the Inertial Parameters Segments among 30 Women of Porto/Novo (Benin) by the Application of the Method of Jensen
    Author(s): Yessoufou L, Lawani MM and Dumas GYessoufou L, Lawani MM and Dumas G

    The present study implements the use of the method of Jensen to analyze the inertial parameters segments (masses and center of mass) among 30 women including 20 in a state of pregnancy. Recruited as of the 1st trimester of pregnancy, these last voluntarily took share with the experimentation. These women all are healthy, and have no apparent handicap, of nationality Beninese and at least 15 years old. They are then divided into three groups: of 10 obese pregnant women, of 10 no obese pregnant women and 10 no pregnant women (reference group). The analysis of variance of the parameters of study obtained by the method of Jensen are compared between them with 12th, 24th and 36th weeks of pregnancy; by the statistical test of Student for matched samples. The values are considered significantly identical to the threshold 5%. Whatever is the group of the pregnant women, the results revealed .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0932.1000241

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