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Joseph Molnar

Joseph Molnar

Professor emeritus Department of Medical Microbiology University of Szeged, Hungary

Joseph Molnar is presently professor emeritus in Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Szeged, Hungary. He had done M.D. from University Medical School, Szeged, Physician (1961. Previously he worked as Vice Dean for Medical Faculty, A. Szent-Györgyi Medical University. He had published 417 papers in reputed journals. He received awards from Hungarian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences to USA, 1985, 1990; University of Mediterraneé, Marseille, France, etc. He is the member of Chair of Szeged Foundation for Cancer Research, 1995 Domain Committee in Biomedicine and Bioscience at COST- ESF Directorate (2006-2010.
Research Interest
Reversal of multidrug resistance of tumor cells.
Thermodinamic aspects of cancer.
Antitumor action of synthetic and plant derived compounds. Endotoxin and protein-A complexes.
Reversal of antibiotic resistance of bacteria, antibacterial chemotherapy, bacterial genetics, bacterial plasmids, antiplasmid drug design: phenothiazines, dibenzoazepines,, anthracenes, acridines, cannabis

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