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Ibrahim Temam Abadiga

  • Research Article
    Utilization of Skilled Birth Attendant in Bonga Town, Kafa Zone, South West Ethiopia
    Author(s): Ibrahim Temam Abadiga and Akalu Banbeta TeredaIbrahim Temam Abadiga and Akalu Banbeta Tereda

    Background: Ethiopia with maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of 353 per 100,000 live births, the majority of births are delivered at home and the proportion of deliveries assisted by skilled attendant is very low. Based on EDHS 2014 urban births are six times more likely than rural births to be delivered in a health facility (59% versus 10%). Implementing and assuring utilization of skilled delivery services is potentially one of the most effective maternal health interventions for preventing maternal morbidity and mortality. Objective: To assess utilization of skilled birth attendant (SBA) among mothers who gave birth the last one year prior to the data collection period in Bonga town, Ethiopia. Methodology: Community based cross-sectional study employing quantitative methods was conducted in Bonga town, Kaffa zone, Southwest Ethiopia from June 1 to July 25, 2013. Stratified random sampl.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0932.1000402

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