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Huso Hasanovic

Huso Hasanovic

Norfolk, Virginia

  • Mini Review
    Germany: No Longer Humbled, Even More Powerful
    Author(s): Huso HasanovicHuso Hasanovic

    The sensational return of German conservatism has marked an important era in European history. An era where Germany is going through an identity crisis but with all the caveats of an inexperienced hegemon. It remains the leader of the European project, a role significantly growing in scope and intensity. If anything, the recent elections have shown that while we have so far focused on a European Germany that we forgot that it is German first, the German people have not. There is no longer a silence about neither German exceptionalism nor its national pride. A certain segment of the population is breaking taboos and openly owning its “glorious” past. These developments beg the question- Is the German postwar transformation reversible and if so why now? Implications of such analysis are two fold- first they reinforce the notion that maximiz.. Read More»

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