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Journal of Ergonomics
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Harry Prapavessis

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    Do You Want Your Students to Pay More Attention in Class? Try Dynamic Seating!
    Author(s): Scott Rollo, Siobhan Smith and Harry PrapavessisScott Rollo, Siobhan Smith and Harry Prapavessis

    Background: A number of studies have examined dynamic seating in the classroom as a practical, low-cost, and effective strategy to allow students to accumulate light-intensity physical activity, improve the instructional atmosphere and increase academic performance in students. One outcome of interest associated with student learning and subsequent academic performance is attention. Purpose: To provide insight into the “state of affairs” of the classroom-based dynamic seating literature that has been published with a specific emphasis on improving attention among students. Strengths and limitations of the work are discussed and future directions are highlighted. Findings: To our knowledge, only five studies have investigated the effect of classroom-based dynamic seating on the academic-related outcome of atte.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7556.1000217

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