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Gupta GSD

Gupta GSD


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    Impact of Furfural and Kerosene Co-exposure through Inhalation in Lungs of Rats
    Author(s): Tabarak Malik, Pandey DK and Gupta GSDTabarak Malik, Pandey DK and Gupta GSD

    Furfural is being added to kerosene to check the adulteration of gasoline/high speed diesel oil. The possibility of a co-exposure of furfural and kerosene and the ability to exhibit the toxic effects of such a mixture were examined in view of the toxicity potential of the two alone and in combination with each other. A single inhalation exposure of rats to furfural was fully tolerated up to a concentration of 126 ppm. However, exposure to higher concentrations of furfural resulted in a dose dependent mortality. Exposure of rats to vapor of kerosene ranging from 426-1054 ppm did not show toxic signs and mortality up to a period of seven days. Simultaneous exposure of rats to furfural and kerosene vapors ranging in concentration from 35 ppm to 138 ppm showed a suppression of LC50 value of furfural. The LC50 was 105 ppm in rats exposed to furfural-kerosene vapors. Inhalation exposure of .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0501.1000105

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