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Gojen Daimari

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    Women: Issues and Empowerment

    Author(s): Gojen DaimariGojen Daimari

    Human society appears justifiable in its sphere of progress or development only when the divided space of exclusion to women remains excluded in participation and contribution. There cannot be the imposed diaspora for the women to be discussed in the literatures. However the contemporary discourses on women shows, where the most developed and developing countries with the democratic principles or the guidelines is under constant threat to women’s dignity. Women have been the most vulnerable to war crime, rape and objectified for sexual desire. Feminism emerged with women as concern, and reached the third world as a ray of hope for the helpless women under own governance. The emerged feminist movement tries to see the oppression of women in society the corollary of marginalization, exclusion in the claimed socially male constructed or say the male dominated social settings. It lo.. Read More»


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