Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders

Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders
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García CAJ

García CAJ


  • Case Report
    Gastric Diverticulum: A Rare Endoscopic Finding
    Author(s): Hernández GH, Soto ICF and García CAJHernández GH, Soto ICF and García CAJ

    Gastric diverticulum is a rare disease, is a pouch protruding from the gastric wall. Usually gastric diverticulum is detected incidentally by gastrointestinal study, when the gastric diverticulum has symptoms surgical resection is recommended being open or laparoscopic resection with excellent results. There is no medical therapy for this disease; however the use of PPIs can improve some symptoms. A 40 year-old female presented a possible gastric diverticulum seen on CT scan. Her symptoms are epigastric pain and heart burn, she received proton-pump inhibitors with partial improvement, and an upper endoscopy was performed on January 2016 which showed the presence of a gastric diverticulum. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2475-3181.1000124

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