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Erdem Kilic


  • Case Report
    Migration of a Dental Implant to the Maxillary Sinus Prior to Second Stage Surgery: A Case Report
    Author(s): Emrah Soylu, Erdem Kilic and Alper AlkanEmrah Soylu, Erdem Kilic and Alper Alkan

    Dental implants are the most preferred treatment option for the rehabilitation of the edentulous patients. However, implant placement to the posterior maxilla can be problematic due to bone atrophy and hyperpneumatization of the maxillary sinus. Bone augmentation procedures such as, internal or external sinus lift can be necessary. Implant placement without bone augmentation procedures can increase the migration risk of the dental implant to the maxillary sinus. The aim of this report is to present the diagnosis and the treatment of migrated dental implant to the maxillary sinus. A 52 -year- old male patient was referred by his dentist for the removal of a dental implant migrated to the maxillary sinus. A migrated dental implant was seen on panoramic radiography and CBCT imaging was performed. CBCT images showed that a dental implant staying under the orbital floor and lateral side of.. View More»

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