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Dinkar Ajit

Dinkar Ajit


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    Exfoliating White Flakes from the Palate
    Author(s): Khorate Manisha M, Dinkar Ajit and Junaid AhmedKhorate Manisha M, Dinkar Ajit and Junaid Ahmed

    A 17 year old girl reported with a complaint of white flakes falling off from the mouth since one year and pain along the right side of the face. According to the patient, the frequency of white flakes exfoliating was 150-200 per day which had reduced to 15-20 per day when the patient reported to us. The unusual feature of the present case was the absence of any primary or secondary mucosal lesion or any kind of infection in the oral cavity. The patient was given symptomatic treatment and the phenomenon of exfoliation of white flakes stopped completely within a period of ten months, but the diagnosis of this challenging case could not be met. This paper includes clinical presentation, investigations, and histopathological findings, with special emphasis on the differential diagnosis of this interesting case, which probably could be labeled as one of its kind, and definitely needs docu.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2475-7586.1000131

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