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Dimpee Verma

Dimpee Verma
Institute of Home Economics,
88-A block- U&V Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

  • Mini Review
    Place Value of Chemotherapy during Pregnancy
    Author(s): Dimpee Verma and Jyotsna VermabDimpee Verma and Jyotsna Vermab

    Approximately, 1 in 1,000-2,000 pregnancies today is complicated by cancers such as Breast, Cervical, Lymphoma or Melanoma; whose treatment is centralized to Chemotherapy via certain cytotoxic and other drugs. BUT, IS CHEMOTHERAPY DURING PREGNANCY REALLY A WISE CHOICE? Depending upon the Impact of pregnancy on the outcome of cancer, Gestational age and risk of metastasis to the placenta and fetus, and Safety of treatment; chemotherapy is suggested which ironically, yields an increased risk of birth defects. Certain cancers like Hodgkin Lymphoma and Breast cancer can have their treatment delayed, until delivery by giving steroids and till the completion of first trimester, respectively. But Cervical and Melanoma cancers require an urgent treatment due to their high metastasis property. In cervical cancer, chemotherapy starts only after the termination of pregnancy as the Uter.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0932.1000470

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