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David TW

David TW


  • Review Article
    Cultural Confrontations, Women Navigation into Peace Process and the Role Lessons for Africa First Ladies
    Author(s): Ogadimma CA and David TWOgadimma CA and David TW

    Prejudiced gendered cultural arrangements have continued to either restrict or exclude contemporary Nigerian women in public space as in most Africa States. This is socially shaped by the dominant patriarchal authority across different Africa societies with Nigeria as no exception. Even with the Nigerian women’s feminist strives, little break through from these cultural arrangements have been meaningfully attained. The changing gender relations experience of women varied across different African contexts, yet in Nigeria, with the emergence of the Nigeria First Lady in 1984 and with successive Nigeria First Ladies, some significant penetration of women through these cultural arrangements was achieved. This was due to several campaigns for and by Nigerian women re-perception of themselves, re-orientation about their feminine personality and their societal gender status in differen.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000235

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