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Dafashy T

Dafashy T


  • Case Report
    Epigenetic Modifications of Preeclamptic Placenta-A Systematic Review
    Author(s): Roman C, Dafashy T, Hegde S, Ashimi O and Bytautiene ERoman C, Dafashy T, Hegde S, Ashimi O and Bytautiene E

    We searched OVID, PubMed and Web of Science, using MSH terms related to epigenetic changes, placenta, and preeclampsia, limiting the results to humans, English language, non-review articles, and publications between 2004 to 2014. 51 out of 207 studies met selection criteria for full data extraction. Array and profiling studies were included only if their results were validated by other methods. Next, 23 of 42 articles satisfied methodological quality criteria, including gestational age-matching and/or controlling or adjusting for confounders. Then, studies with a total score <10 out of 15 quality assessment points were excluded. MicroRNAs and genes resulting from review were investigated for interactions using Ingenuity Pathways Analysis. Ten studies met the inclusion criteria for our review: 3 concerning DNA methylation and 7 studies regarding miRNA. There were no studies .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0932.1000233

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