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Caroline C

Caroline C


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    Blueprint 2020: A Vision for Canada's Federal Public Service that Destroys Public Administration
    Author(s): Caroline CCaroline C

    Blueprint 2020, known also as Destination 2020, coined by the former Privy Council Wayne Wouter, was introduced with a big celebration. Public servants across the federal and provincial levels were excited and elevated as they participated in the exercise. It was introduced as a proposed way to remedy the chronic dysfunctionality condition of the government today. The exercise was so focused on the individuality and practical ideas that many became lost in this exercise. In a nutshell, Blueprint 2020 is about the destruction of the Canadian public service. No one sees its destructive impact because of its grand introduction and its practicality that suits the desires of young public servants who seem to have been bred to think in a short-term paradigm. This paper discusses the theoretical meaning of public administration, its meaningful application in the field of practicality, the im.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000249

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