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Carmela Saturnino

Carmela Saturnino

Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicological Chemistry

1980: University of Naples (Degree in Pharmacy with grade: 110 cum laude; thesis in Medicinal Chemistry entitled Acids eteroarilcarbossilici = preparation and anti-inflammatory activity) .Dicembre 1980: University of Naples (Admitted to the profession of Pharmacist) .Luglio 1982: University of Naples (Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy vote: 50 cum laude) .Giugno 1989 L. Pasteur University of Strasbourg (F) (Diploma d'Etudes approfondie "DEA" in Pharmacologie et Pharmacochimie, option = Pharmacochimie. with thesis entitled: réactivité of amidines hétérocycliques, synthèse étude et des pharmacologiques dérivés des acides alpha- (imidazolyl) -phényl-acétiques). Supervisors prof.CGWermuth and Dr. JJBourguignon.Ottobre 1990: University of Naples (PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the subject of the research: imidazobenzodiazepine derivatives with anti-inflammatory, studies on the structure-activity relationship and the mechanism of action).  1991 -1993: Fellow Pharmaceutical industry "Servier" in Paris and later at the University of Caen (F).  September 1993- October 31, 2001: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Salerno (researcher, subject area C07X "Medicinal Chemistry ).  Since the November 2001ad today: Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Salerno (associate professor confermato- CHIM08 subject area). And 'co-authored over 90 publications in national and international journals .It has participated in numerous national and international conferences presenting the results of the scientific breakthrough.  - Participated in Co-financed projects (PRIN). Over 200 cumunicazioni in Congress.  Since 2006 Scientific research projects FARB (ex 60%) ·        2011, Ha awarded the International School of Medicine "Trota of Salerno" for research, Salerno 26 September 2011.
Research Interest
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds to Anticancer activity;
  • Design and synthesis of new antibacterial;
  • Heterocyclic compounds acting on the CNS.


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