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Blaiha M

Blaiha M


  • Analysis
    The Usurpation of Law Supremacy and Its Impact on Rising a Personalised Power in Morocco
    Author(s): Blaiha MBlaiha M

    Through this paper, we are trying to highlight the issue of the personalization of power in Morocco, taking into account the multiplicity of approaches in order to comprehend the issue at hand. The question of the personalization of power in Morocco should first be seen from the standpoint of compliance with the rules of constitutional legality and the principle of law supremacy since the political practice of the 1980s has consistently disregarded this principle. Thus, the repeated political practices, which fall within the actor’s logic in pursuing profit and rejectingpossible losses in their dealings with the rules of constitutional legality, has led to the emergence of implicit authority, the strengthening of an institution at the expense of other institutions in the State, as well as the factor of personalization which became apparent in .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000340

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