Journal of Perioperative & Critical Intensive Care Nursing

Journal of Perioperative & Critical Intensive Care Nursing
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Atma Prakash Chitragupta

Atma Prakash Chitragupta
Military Hospital, Beechwal Army Gate,
Bikaner, Rajasthan 3344001

  • Case Report
    Management of Homicidal Cut Throat Injury at a Peripheral Set up: A Case Report
    Author(s): Atma Prakash ChitraguptaAtma Prakash Chitragupta

    Homicidal cut-throat injuries are potentially life threatening because of the many vital structures that course through this area. Definite incidence of homicidal cut-throat injuries is unavailable as many are fatal before making it to a medical echelon. These patients need emergency and multispecialty care with multidisciplinary approach, managing these cases at peripherally located sub-optimally equipped medical setups is a challenge in itself, despite being apparently stable and breathing spontaneously, these patients rapidly deteriorate. Expertise in managing airway is pivotal in securing a definitive airway in such cases thereby facilitating the wound exploration and surgical repair. We present a patient who was the victim of a homicidal cut-throat injury at a peripherally located medical setup at north eastern part of India... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2471-9870.1000133

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