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Arthur C Fleischer

Arthur C Fleischer
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vanderbilt Medical Center,
Nashville, TN 37232

  • Review Article
    Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer with Transvaginal Microbubble Sonography: Current and Potential Applications
    Author(s): Arthur C FleischerArthur C Fleischer

    Contrast Enhanced microbubble Transvaginal Sonography (CE-TVS) can distinguish benign and malignant ovarian tumors. Initial results from several medical centers around the world have indicated that there are unique enhancement patterns in ovarian neoplasms. Challenges to the implementation of CE-TVS remain since some aggressive ovarian tumors (type 2) that arise in the tubal epithelium and metastasize without producing a clinically detectable mass may be difficult to detect. This is being addressed through the use of labelled microbubbles which can detect rapidly growing tumor vessels. As shown in an avian model, labelled microbubbles can be used to detect neoplastic vessels associated with tumor neoangiogenesis. This has been achieved in vitro by fabrication of microbubbles that have antibody attached to the lipid coat. In this manner, microscopic tumors that arise in the tubal epith.. View More»

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