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Abuagla Babiker

Abuagla Babiker


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    Heart Sounds Biometric System
    Author(s): Abuagla Babiker, Almogdad Hassan and Haram MustafaAbuagla Babiker, Almogdad Hassan and Haram Mustafa

    This paper presents design of system for access control using heart sound biometric signature based on energy percentage in each wavelet coefficients and MFCC feature. A collection of 40 heart sounds records for different persons from internet, for each recording signatures were calculated during two heart cycles after denoising of each recording. A Euclidean distance is used as classification tool between the signatures. It was found that the distances for different recordings at different times for the same person are below a threshold value and above the threshold value as compared with the signatures of the other persons. A software based on MATLAB was used for make GUI that was received recordings, denoising, signature calculations and classification, Then RS232 was interfaced between GUI and simulation circuit that consist of ATMEGA 16 (microcontroller), which was programmed via.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2475-7586.1000129

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