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Anesthesia & Clinical Research
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Advancing Anesthesia Technology for High Risk Patients
Advancing Anesthesia Technology for High Risk Patients
  • Eric A Harris
    Eric A Harris

    Department of Anesthesiology

Purpose: Disseminating extraordinary scientific advances to the widest community of experts within the discipline of anaesthesiology. Goal Adopting anaesthesia practices in the rapidly changing and developing practice of surgical and nonsurgical medicine challenges anaesthesiologists to choose the most adequate and safe treatment on an individual patient basis. The goal of this special issue is to develop clinician-scientists who will be leaders in the field of anaesthesia research. This program will provide multidisciplinary research to help develop individuals with the skills and expertise to explore research problems relevant to 1. Anaesthesiology 2. Anaesthetic pharmacology 3. Systems neurobiology 4. Toxicology 5. Critical care 6. Pain and pain management. The goal is to provide better results on hypothesis-driven laboratory or clinical research. Summary: In this Special Issue entitled Advancing Anaesthesia Technology for High Risk Patients, we propose concerning relevant topics of anaesthesia, intensive care, emergency care, and pain therapy in patients with clinically significant co-morbidities shall help anaesthesiologists and intensivists to come to the most appropriate treatment of their patients in daily clinical practice. In the Journal of Anaesthesia & Clinical Research, all types of Original Research, Review, Case Studies, Commentaries, Clinical Images, etc. accepted for this special issue. Results: These findings would conceptually advance anaesthesia technology and promote more studies, including clinical investigation, and ultimately lead to safer anaesthesia care and better outcomes for high risk patients.

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