Zero Tolerance? About Minor Addictions during Pregnancy | Abstract
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Zero Tolerance? About Minor Addictions during Pregnancy

P Leonardo Gucciardo and Luc Roegiers

The use of licit or illicit substances during pregnancy can potentially produce adverse health effects for the maternal-fetal dyad. There is a consensus about adverse effects related to heavy consumption of potential toxic substances, but opinions about mild abuses remain blurred. Zero tolerance public health policies for alcohol or tobacco consumption during pregnancy are difficult to sustain for caregivers, very often embarrassed by anamnestic findings related to mild addictions. How to get this information, how relevant it is and what to do with that are essential questions to answer. For some of the patients, drug abuse is a compensation for psychological difficulties, for others, the use of illicit substance is directly linked to a psychiatric disorders. These difficulties as well as these disorders require correct identification. Communication about risks related to drug abuse is essential but parallel process including analysis of the emotions behind the substance consumption should be performed.