Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Vegetative Propagation of Coleus forskohlii (Wild) Briq using their Stem Cutting for Ex-situ Conservation in Herbal Garden

Patel DK

Coleus forskohlii is a plant renowned for its medicinal as well as for aromatic values. It is medium heighted, herbaceous nature plant belonging to family Lamiaceae. Medium water supply is needed for this plants successful growth and development. This plant is also produces a beautiful violet coloured flower which further develops in to seeds of small size and round in shape. Mature stems are easily cut and found to be potential to convert in to its new small plants similar to their parental plants. The plant is well known for their propagation using their seeds and by stem cutting in the presence of favourable environmental conditions. The current paper deals with the study on its vegetative propagation using their mature stem cuttings in poly bags including sand, manure and soil mixture equally. Selected stem cuttings for the above purpose were allowed to grow in each one of the poly bags with medium water supply at the starting of the experimentation. Later on as per need of the developing plants facilities were given and managed to support the rich growth and development of the plant to make the experiment success. After development of the new plants these are carefully removed from poly bags and are further grown in the prepared beds in Herbal garden to multiply as well for ex-situ conservation. Related findings are discussed further more in this paper.