Medical & Surgical Urology

Medical & Surgical Urology
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ISSN: 2168-9857


Two Cases of Female Urethral Primary Cancer: Review of Clinico Pathological and Therapeutic Aspects

Kouka SCN, Diallo Y, Jalloh M, Bentefouet L, Ly R, Ndiaye MD, Daher M, Diop AK and Sylla C

The authors report two cases of female primary urethral carcinoma in two patients 70 years-old and 27 years-old. The patients were referred for difficulty passing urine, initial hematuria and episodic genital bleeding. Physical examination revealed a swelling of the meatus associated with induration of the anterior vagina wall. Pathology of the biopsy showed an urethral adenocarcinoma for case 1 and urothelial carcinoma for case 2. Anterior pelvectomy with ileal conduit was performed. Postoperative period was uneventful. They received adjuvant chemotherapy. The epidemiology, diagnosis, prognosis and disease management aspects are discussed through a review of the literature.