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Tumoricidal Activation of Macrophages using Jatropha curcas Leaf Extract: As a Proxy for the Treatment of Cancer

Prayitno A, Fitria MS and Elmanda AY

Abstract Background: Jatropha curcas (J. curcas) is a plant rich in methanolic. Macrophages can be activated to become tumoricidal through interactions with immunomodulators. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of J. curcas leaf extracts on the phagocytic activity of macrophages. Methods: Peritoneal-derived macrophages from male BALB/c mice were obtained using the method of Colligan et al. with some modifications. Latex was added as an antigen to cultures of BALB/c mice macrophages treated with two different concentrations of J. curcas extract and the cultures were observed every 30 minutes for 2 hours. Results: Macrophage latex vacuoles were observed after treatment with 15 μg/mL J. curcas leaf extract, with a mean latex vacuole count of 7.2 vacuoles/cell and a phagocytic index (PI) of 369. Macrophage treatment with 250 μg/mL J. curcas leaf extract produced a mean latex vacuole count of 8.1 vacuoles/cell and a PI of 785. Conclusion: Treatment with J. curcas leaf extracts increased the phagocytic activity of mice macrophages.