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Healthy Aging Research
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Translation of low-risk dementia-associated interventions into practice - a call to action

R. M. Damian Holsinger

Aging is a central part of life. The insults we place on our bodies during the first 60 years of life eventually overload the system. Unfortunately, this occurs around the same time as when cellular processes that are capable of repairing the human body begin to slow down; another central process associated with an aging system. However, research informs us that interventions are capable of decelerating the aging process. Why then are we not slowing down aging? Regulatory bodies advise us that research-derived interventions must pass through rigorous testing prior to being prescribed. Have we taken this advice too far? This Perspective article outlines interventions that are perceived as being low-risk, which are undertaken daily by millions of people and have been “proven” to have a beneficial effect on an aging body. Furthermore, a challenge is issued to healthcare providers to adopt some of the highlighted suggestions.

Published Date: 2015-06-03;