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Journal of Medical & Surgical Pathology
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Transcatheter Heart Valve Crimping and Expansion: Commentary

Robert Guidoin, Jifu Mao, Rachid Zegdi, Jing Lin, Daniel How, Eric Philippe, Tomás Cianciulli, Lu Wang and Ze Zhang

Bovine pericardium represents the material of choice to serve as leaflets but this material is fragile and mishandling might lead to dramatic consequences. The complete innocuousness of handling at implantation has not been reached as crimping and balloon inflation cause various degrees of injury. These can impair the physical characteristics and aggravate the thrombogenicity. The design of the device must promote the long-term durability of the pericardium. The role and selection of polyester fabrics as buffer between the metallic frame and the pericardium is likely to prevent major abrasion at implantation and in situ.