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Training and its Impact on Hospital Information System (HIS) Success

Sima Ajami and Zohreh Mohammadi-Bertiani

A number of Hospital Information Systems (HISs) fail, because users are inadequately trained. The HIS led to many changes. Training is necessary for providers and staff to adequately learn how to use the new system and adapt them these changes. Unfortunately, often with inadequate training, the system usually does operate, but does not fulfill the original expectations. The aim of this study was to express the importance of users training to use successful HIS. This study was unsystematic-review study. The literature was searched on training and its impact to user satisfaction and HIS success with the help of library, books, conference proceedings, data bank, and also searches engines available at Google, Google scholar. For our searches, we employed the following keywords and their combinations: hospital information systems, user satisfaction, user dissatisfaction, success, succeed, user training, education, learning, user attitude, in the searching areas of title, keywords, abstract, and full text. In this study, more than 75 articles and reports were collected and 41 of them were selected based on their relevancy. A summary of background evidences, which are derived from primary studies that have been selected. The findings of this study showed there were existed some contributing factors that determine the success or failure of HIS and some factors that influence user satisfaction. The results emphasize that training is one of the key factors to achieve HIS success. Non-trained users fear to lose their job and resist the change. One of the solutions to decrease this barrier to fulfill the HIS is to involve users to design and implement new technology.