Traffic Analysis in Rural/Urban Area Using VANET Routing Protocols | Abstract
Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Traffic Analysis in Rural/Urban Area Using VANET Routing Protocols

Arif Nawaz and Ahsan Raza Sattar

Mobile ad hoc network has a subtype which is known as vehicular ad hoc network. It is useful for the communication among the vehicles and road side infrastructure. These days for the quality and deficiency of transportation system intelligent transportation system ITS is playing a great role. Whenever we talk about the implementation of a secure and luxury vehicular ad hoc network, vehicle will have to query data from any other vehicle via multihop infrastructure. When data moves in vehicular ad hoc network it has to face many interruptions due to lot of mobility and linked networks. In this paper following protocols are studied and comparison is performed on AODV, DSDV and DSR. The research is performed on both rural and urban areas. Analysis id performed on the basis of data drop, vehicles density, throughput and end to end is analyzed from the obtained results that in form of low packet drop and high throughput DSR give better results as compared to AODV and DSDV in rural areas and AODV gives good performance in comparison to DSR in environment of low density.