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Towards Examining Knowledge Management Application in the PrimaryPhase from the Educational Supervisors Point of View: Public EducationSchools Case Study of Bishah Province – KSA

Abdullah Mohammed Alyateem

Knowledge management is looking for determining the required information through storing, developing, spreading and functioning for achieving the main goals of the institution, besides contributing in achieving fundamental administration tasks that appears through the ability of setting plans, taking decisions along with problem solving. Therefore, this research is aiming to find out the most important obstacles regarding knowledge management application in the public education primary phase in Saudi Arabia (SA), furthermore, Bishah province is the research case study and it was applied on educational supervisors.
The importance of this study lies in searching for an important field in order to contribute in producing human wealth for each community, this turned out to be the educational field, but there is a huge lack in knowledge management application search in the educational field especially in the primary phase. Through searching the educational supervisors point of view which is considered the backbone for their work about knowledge management, they transfer and organize experience in the educational field. This study used the survey descriptive search methodology for solving the proposed issue.
The study found out that educational supervisor’s confidence was large in knowledge management as an administrative and supervising method, which indicates that they are totally convinced by knowledge management importance within the education system. Furthermore, they truly believed in themselves along with their capability regarding application. Moreover, it has been found that technology skills lack in those who belong to the educational field is considered the main obstacle in front of knowledge management application. Also the administration bodies in education ministry are not interested in administrational and educational experience in general and knowledge management in particular, which is considered as one of the main obstacles regarding knowledge management in primary schools in Bishah province. This research showed that there is failure regarding knowledge management application, besides lack of the educational programs that are being taught to the educational supervisors during their academic learning period and after it.