Therapeutic Value of Painting and Human Psychology in Nigeria | Abstract
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Therapeutic Value of Painting and Human Psychology in Nigeria

Johnson Adelani Abodunrin

The study examines the therapeutic value of painting and human psychology in Nigeria and it is intended toidentify the emotional qualities derived from paintings through identification of the respondents’ socio-economiccharacteristics, motivating factors, perception, benefits derived from paintings and to investigate the constraints toprocurement of paintings. A stratified random sampling technique was employed to select respondents who haveexperienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety and depression from hospitals, privatemental health offices, schools and community organization in Nigeria. The findings show that significantrelationships exist between the selected socio-economic characteristics of the respondents and the perception of therespondents to the therapeutic value of painting. It was discovered that beauty was the major motivating factor totherapeutic value of painting and human psychology (WMS 2.6), while majority of the respondents haveencountered one form of physical violence or the other (90.9%) and mood elevation was the principal perceptionfactor (WMS 3.90). Improved aesthetic value (61.8%) was derived by the respondent and finance was the majorconstraint to procurement of painting (60%). The paper concludes that a colourful and calming environmentencourage patient to express themselves and using various forms of creative art could help divert patient attentionfrom their pains and respond to treatment better.