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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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The Role of Arsenic on Skin Diseases, Hair Fall and Inflammation: An Immunological Review and Case Studies

Wahida Khan Chowdhury, Abida Tisha, Sharmim Akter, Shah Mehedi Bin Zahur, Nahid Hasan, Ahmed Shohrawar Mahadi, Fazla Rabby SM, Mohd Mohabbulla Mohib, Mohd Abu Taher Sagor and Sarif Mohiuddin

In this recent era, occupational and accidental spills have been dramatically increased since last few decades due to globalization throughout the world. Concurrently, the concerns on health issues are being a burning question to the all corporate as well as health care professional personnel. Currently, arsenic and arsenic related problems have drawn a great attention as this compound acts not only as slow poison but also works as beneficial molecule in the treatment of some diseases. Laboratory animals showed several dysfunctions including keratinocytes dysfunctions, loss of hair and most importantly inflammation. Arsenic-mediated cell stress/oxidative stress also plays a major role in the development of multiple pathways like JNK, AP-1, PKC and caspase which further either lead to apoptosis or cancer. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Chile and China are in great risk and the human from these areas are losing their lives due to chronic arsenic exposures. Therefore, this study will try to explain the proposed molecular mechanisms of arsenic-induced skin diseases, hair fall and inflammation. Finally, a possible treatment approach would be disclosed against arsenic-mediated disorders.