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Bipolar Disorder: Open Access
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The Potential Role of Melatonin on Mental Disorders: Insights from Physiology and Pharmacology

Xiaoran Sun, Yani Wang, Nengzhi Jiang, Zhongde Du, Hongwei Sun and Lin Sun

Back Ground: Mental diseases have become common in modern society, which seriously harm the human health. The etiology of mental diseases is complex, general theories and methods of mechanism and prevention guidance of mental diseases cannot fully explain the clinical hysteresis effects of antipsychotic and antineuropathy drugs.

Methods: In this review, we summarize recent advances in melatonin research, focusing on the mental diseases with special emphasis on the alterations of melatonin secretion and the associated changes in biological rhythms of disorders.

Results: With the results from biochemical measurements in melatonin treatment of mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, showed that melatonin treatment of mental disorders did not have serious negative consequences melatonin will likely be widely used in the treatment of mental disorders in clinical practice. At the same time, the measurements of the effects of melatonin treatments would become more standardized and effective.

Conclusion: In the future, there would be a breakthrough progress in the treatment of mental disorders field by using melatonin. The potential role of melatonin on mental disorders would be attached great importance by related disciplines.