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Advances in Automobile Engineering
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The Method of Diesel Particulate Matter Operative Control

Kulchitskiy AR

The engine ecological indicators should be controlled during certain period of engine running. Maintaining intended level of the exhaust emissions from diesel engine during certain running, requires, first of all, high stability of the engine working process, and secondly, organization of suitable operative control of the engine over pre-defined le-vels of different ecological indicators. The measurement of concentration of harmful gaseous substances (HGS) within a stream of the exhaust gases does not present difficulty in connection with portable gas analyzers, but measurement of particulate matters (� �œ) under operating conditions is impossible.

In this work, a modeling method based on indirect measurable indicators to determine the concentration of engine particulate matters and their main composition is described. This method accounts the dependency of PM from en-gine on the heavy hydrocarbons as well as provides different sources of these heavy hydrocarbons. The results ob-tained from the current modeling method are presented and considered in this paper.