Healthy Aging Research

Healthy Aging Research
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Jassica Jackson*

This study validates the assumptions of JEM Theory of Intergenerational Visit to the Elderly. It determined whether the assumption that intergenerational visits provide the elderly with experiences of emotional and material supports, care, respect, and love. The method used was interpretative phenomenology. The most important thing is the presence of an event which is the intergenerational visit. As the events unfold through the informants’ stories, the researcher has to be creatively transcendental, alert, keen, inside subjectively, but objectively detached, emphatic and creative. The utterances during the interviews were analyzed, trying comfortably with care to partake the informants’ views and experiences and even beyond and creatively deeper. Consistencies between words uttered and the facial expressions have to be watched and noted, as well as gestures; behaviors and even the tone of the voice. Through the traits of the informants’ narrations, there are strong indications that the assumption was validated.

Published Date: 2021-09-27; Received Date: 2021-04-27