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The Effect of Metacognitive Strategy Training on Social Skills and Problem - Solving Performance

Harandi V, Eslami Sharbabaki H, Ahmadi Deh M and Darehkordi A

Background: The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of Metacognitive strategy training on Problemsolving Performance and social skills in high school girls.

Material and methods: The population of this experimental study consisted of all high school girls in Yazd city in Iran. Sample size in this study, 80 subjects was selected from the population (random clustering). Subjects completed the Wales’ Metacognition Questionnaire, The Teenage Inventory of Social Skills and Problem- solving Inventory and then randomly. Then were divided two groups of 40. Six sessions (1.5 hour per week) curriculumbased on Metacognitive strategies and problem-solving methods and various types of social skills was performed on the experimental group. One week after last session, the same Questionnaires were taken from both groups. Data analyzed with covariance.

Results: In the post-test stage, the average scores of the positive style scale of Problem-solving in the experimental group was estimated 21.7, but in the control group 17.32. The average scores of the negative style scale of Problem-solving in experimental group was estimated 16.47, but in the control group 21.77.

Conclusion: The results indicated that students in the Metacognitive treatment group significantly improved in both social skills and problem-solving performance.