Journal of Women's Health Care

Journal of Women's Health Care
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ISSN: 2167-0420


The Determinants of Strength Training in Rural Women, Ages 20-44 Years: A Qualitative Study

Nazaruk D, Tedders SH, Alfonso ML and Vogel LR

Despite multiple health benefits of strength training, it is reported that only 14.7% of American women engage in the recommended amount of physical activity. Whereas the potential negative consequences of not exercising are well documented, there is a scarcity of literature that investigates the determinants of strength training in rural women. In-depth interviews were utilized to identify the perceptions, knowledge, motivation, and skills regarding strength training. Fifteen women from four target counties participated in this qualitative study. The study was guided by Self-determination Theory. Results indicated that factors such as the lack of knowledge about strength training, the lack of skills, the history of sports participation and the perceived effect of strength training on a woman’s appearance can possibly explain some of the reasons for low strength training participation among rural women in Georgia. In addition, this study suggests that history of sports participation could be one of the factors that can develop the highest form of motivation for physical activity; therefore, this relationship should be investigated further. Due to the fact that rural areas are deprived of economic and financial resources, it is especially important for health care providers to use these findings to better understand the intra- and interpersonal determinants of physical activity in rural women in order to develop the most effective physical activity interventions.