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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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Survey on Customer Satisfaction, Adoption, Perception, Behaviour, and Security on Mobile Banking

Afful Ekow Kelly* and Sellappan Palaniappan

This literature survey is done to throw more light on current trends, purpose and future work done in the field of mobile banking. The areas considered here include customer satisfaction, adoption, perception, behaviour, security and privacy. Most of the research papers were on mobile banking adoptions while the last two were on post-adoption and security. Research papers on mobile banking within the last ten years on adoption, with post-adoption and security related papers, were examined. After diligent and thorough search, 68 articles satisfied the criteria for this review. The review has shown that security remains one of the principal constructs that hinder users in adopting and post-adoption of mobile banking. The research also showed that the most used model in mobile banking was TAM. Again, trust, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived risk, compatible, and performance and effort expectation constructs remain the most studied variable in the mobile banking literature. This review captures and summarizes the huge knowledge of research work done on mobile banking, where security is one of the least discussed areas. However, most of the research reviewed did suggest that future work should consider security, especially on the protection of users on this emerging technology in banking. This survey has also given researchers and academia to look for other areas besides security.

Published Date: 2019-10-09; Received Date: 2019-09-14