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Support Design of Underground Cut and Fill Mine by using Hybrid Numerical Empirical Model

Purwanto, Sugeng Wahyudi, Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka, Ridho Wattimena, Tri Karian and Kikuo Matsui

A detailed study to propose new design support systems for underground mine was carried out in this paper. The depth was increased to develop the production in accordance with the vein.The cut and fill mining method was selected for this mine in line with the geometry of vein, topographic specifications, and annual production rates.Excavationsize, distance between stope and decline, depth, and the impact of fault governedthe induced stresses. Different depths in multiple excavations were analyzed in this study especially on decline area. The rock properties of investigated areawere defined from the field and laboratory test for each rock type. Support systems for the decline were designed based on the suggestions of the Rock Mass Rating (RMR) system and the Q system for rock mass classification. Induced stress on different levels were calculated to define Stress Reduction Factor (SRF) and applied to predict the support system by Q system. New method namely Hybrid Numerical Empirical Model was developed to support requirement analysis in cut and fill mining method. The support system requirement influenced by depth. The shotcrete will be thicker and rock bolt space more closely as increasing the depth.

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