Suggestion and Developing an Effective Mechanism for Faster Response of Immune Cells | Abstract
Rheumatology: Current Research

Rheumatology: Current Research
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Suggestion and Developing an Effective Mechanism for Faster Response of Immune Cells

Alireza Heidari*, Elena Locci and Silvia Raymond

This study revealed a novel mechanism including inhibition of this cell organelle, the lysosome, and dormancy. This opens the way to the potential use of lysosomes as a therapeutic target. Thousands of people around the world receive bone marrow transplants each year to help treat leukemia. Large dosages of chemotherapy are used quickly to kill cancer cells, but they also kill stem cells that are needed for healthy blood to reproduce. Stem cell transplants are used to regenerate a patient's healing blood supply, but finding a suitable donor can be difficult, especially in ethnically diverse communities where donor lists are limited. It may not be long or non-existent. Cord blood stem cells are of considerable value as an additional source of donors, but the number of stem cells is often too small for an adult recipient. Understanding how stem cells are activated and proliferated in a controlled manner can greatly benefit cord blood collection. The ability to control stem cell activation may also be useful in cases where stem cells are underactive due to disease, inflammation, or drug treatment, and may help to maintain sleep. Learning how to maintain immune cells in the blood is essential. If this stem cell is not activated properly, it can have serious consequences for the blood system, as stem cells cannot regenerate. You have to do everything you can, to keep this cell asleep, and one way is to block the signals from its surface. It can also be used to help fully understand leukemia stem cells, which mimic normal stem cells and can sometimes sleep through treatment. Now it is interesting to take an interest in these leukemic stem cells and see how this mechanism is regulated. We can notice the differences and use them to fix them.

Published Date: 2021-11-26; Received Date: 2021-11-05