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Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Study of the Improvement of Noise Pollution in University of Sulaimani in both New and Old Campus

Kani M. Rauf, Hossien Hossieni, Soma S. Ahmad, Hevar Ali and Hawbash Kawa

In this research, the sound pollution as an unpleasant physical effect on educational area in university of Sulaimani has been studied. Since 2013, the University of Sulaimani has two campuses old and new and all the scientific departments distributed between both campuses. While in 2011, it had only one campus in the center of the city and almost all of the departments were placed there. This study has selected three different locations in both old and new campus of the University of Sulaimani to measure the noise level in their surroundings. These data have been reviewed and compared to the data that have been taken previously at the same places in December 2011. The results show a noticeable reduction in the intensity of noise in both new and old campus. This improvement, which is the result of increasing education space and convey most of the departments from the center of the city, can positively affect the education in the university.