Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology

Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
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Stimulatory Effect of Hormones, Vitamin C on Growth, Yield and Some Metabolic Activities of Chenopodium quinoa Plants in Egypt

Mahmoud R Sofy, Abd El-Monem M Sharaf and Hossam M Fouda

This research examine the actual growth, yield and certain metabolic activities of quinoa plants in response to foliar treatments with GA3 50 ppm, JA 20 ppm and Asc. 50 ppm. Plants were grown in natural clay loamy soil conditions and treated with every of the aforementioned treatments. The treated plants showed significant responses in most of the growth and yield characteristics (lengths of shoots and roots, number of branches/plant, number of leaves/ plant, plant biomass and weight of 1000-seed). Also, these treatments caused significant increases in the contents of photosynthetic pigments, soluble carbohydrates, soluble proteins and total phenols content. This was the case during the entire duration of time period of the experiment.