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Status of Air Quality and Noise Level of Udaipur City, India during Diwali Festival

Chittora AK and Kapoor CS

Diwali is one of the most important and commonly celebrated festivals by Hindu religion followers in India which falls normally during period October-November every year. This festival extensive burning of firecrackers, especially in the evening hours, is witnessed with hence burnt crackers releases various gaseous and particulate air pollutants and toxic metals in significant quantity and became responsible for degradation of the air quality as a whole in the adjoining areas. It has been observed that the widespread use of sparklers leads to short-term air quality degradation. So, for assessment of the effect of fireworks on the air quality on ambient concentrations of various air pollutants (SO2, NO2, SPM, RSPM) and Noise level during Diwali festival in Udaipur city (India), data were collected in November 2014. The levels of these pollutants during study schedule were recorded as moderately high, than the National standards, which can cause serious health hazards in local population.