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Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal
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Spatial Distribution of Myxobolus Pethericii and Henneguya Pethericii on the Gills of an African Anabantid Ctenopoma Petherici from the Sange River, Cameroon

Benoit LFG and Abraham F

The spatial distribution of Myxobolus pethericii Fomena, Lekeufack folefack and Tang II, 2007 and Henneguya pethericii Fomena, Lekeufack folefack and Bouix, 2008 gills parasites of Ctenopoma petherici Gunther, 1864 was investigated. The gill apparatus of each host individual was divided into arbitrary regions and the number of cysts of each parasites species in each gill region was determined. Results were analysed at parasite species and xenocommunity levels. Site specificity was determined by application of Chi-square test to the data. At the same time, mean cyst loads were compared between different gill regions. The mean cyst load of the xenocommunity was higher on arches II and III than on arch IV. M. pethericii encysted more on outer hemibranch of arch IV. The medial segment of the gill was more colonized by M. pethericii and the combination made of M. pethericii+H. pethericii. The greater mean cyst load of M. pethericii was observed on medial segment. The specific preferences of a gill region might be affected by the interaction of factors such as the possible heterogeneity of the gill system, possible differences in the hydrostatic pressure of the bronchial pump and the water current over different parts of the gill surface.