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Spanish Society of Caridiorespiratory Rehabilitation. Recommendations in Lung Transplantation

Mercedes Ramos Solchaga, Carmen Abad Fernández, Lourdes Juarros Monteagudo, Laura Muñoz Cabello, Rosario Úrbez Mir, Isabel Vázquez Arce and Sofía González López

Lung transplantation is considered for those patients with severe pulmonary disease who do not respond to specific treatments and whose life expectancy is very greatly reduced. It is a multidisciplinary intervention which extends from the selection and follow-up of candidates, up until the time of the surgery itself and which also includes the on-going treatments that these patients will require for the remainder of their lives.

The Spanish Society of Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation (SORECAR) appointed an expert committee to review the current scientific evidence with regards to the management of these patients by our medical specialty and to produce a consensus document of interventions in lung transplantation.

In this article we provide an update on the management of patients leading up to and following lung transplantation from the point of view of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialty.

We describe how to carry out the functional assessment, rehabilitation treatment and follow-up during both the pre and post-transplant stages; together with the diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal pathologies related to their underlying disease process.

Furthermore, we highlight the importance of potential complications arising in the immediate post-transplant period, as well as those also occurring in both the middle and the long-term. The ability to recognise them in a timely fashion and implement appropriate treatment within the remit of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation can help to improve survival and the quality of life of these patients.