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Smart Helmet for Two-Wheelers

Ravi Nandu and Kuldeep Singh

A helmet is a protective layer that is worn in order to prevent head injury. Helmet is the most important safety gear for two wheeler riders. But due to carelessness of people and paying less importance toward safety, there are a lot of causalities every year. Especially in countries like India these accidents are common due to ignorance toward safety. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) two wheelers claimed 92 lives every day out of which most were due to helmetless drive. Many seminars and road safety campaign were organized but still there is very less improvement. The most people who met accident were youngsters. So In order to overcome this problem we came up with the idea of SMART HELMET. The smart helmet will help to reduce the injuries to head. The smart helmet will be different in many ways. It will be technically advanced and electronically controlled. The system design will be such that without wearing the helmet the rider cannot start two wheelers. The helmet will be connected to vehicle key ignition systems which will be electronically controlled. The smart helmet will be having proximity sensor fitted inside it, which will act as our switch for on/off ignition and further with wireless connection the helmet sensor circuit will be connected to the vehicle ignition system. If the rider is wearing the helmet he will be able to crank the engine and could propel, where as in case if helmet is not there then vehicle will cannot start. This will surely reduce the no of fatalities on road and hence giving a safer drive.