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Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy
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Sleep Quality in Adolescents: What's Discriminates Good from Poor Sleepers?

Sílvia HM Pucci and M Graça Pereira

Background: The study focused on discriminating adolescents with good versus poor sleep quality.

Method: The sample consisted of 272 adolescents and a transversal design was used. The instruments assessed socio-demographic data, psychological morbidity, sleep quality, family sleep behavior, excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep habits and social skills.

Results: The results revealed that age, caffeine intake, psychological morbidity, excessive daytime sleepiness, and family sleep behavior were variables that discriminated good from poorer sleepers in terms of adolescents’ sleep quality.

Conclusions: The results emphasize the role of family on sleep quality and the need to include family members in intervention programs. Programs should be sensitive to adolescents’ age and gender.