Sleep Health is Our Priority | Abstract
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Sleep Health is Our Priority

Kathy Sexton Radek

Recently, a study conducted by Shockey et al. [1] provided information about sleep quality in the United States. From the findings, it was concluded that sleep quality varies by occupation and location of state, in general. In terms of occupations, Healthcare Practitioners ranked the as the most group commonly experiencing poor sleep. The major occupation group with high prevalence of poor sleep was the firefighters and prevention workers. A second major general point of the Shockey et al. [1] was the locations in the United States where sleep quality was poorest in southeastern United States and in states along the Appalachian Mountains. These regions have been identified as areas with higher estimates of obesity, diabetes, and death rates from heart disease and stroke [1]. Collectively, these findings, I believe, will provide both practitioners and researchers with a myriad of paths with which to investigate and intervene.