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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Significance of Traditional Medicinal Plants used for Treatment of Rabies at Ambo Town

Pagadala VK, Tsegaye B, Kebede N, Elias T and Gemachu G

Clinical study was conducted on Significance of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used for Treatment of Rabies Disease at Ambo Towna in west Shoa zone, Oromia regional state at the North East part of Ethiopia. The objectives of the study were to assess and document traditional medicinal plants used for curing rabies disease and to assess the traditional knowledge of native healer for curing rabies disease. Case Study was conducted by randomly selecting and interviewing by questionnaire with the help of translators and native traditional docter to gather information on the knowledge of medicinal plants used to diagnoses the rabies. 30 people on average were chosen for statistical analysis of which 50% were male and 50% female. Three species of plants were documented and assessed for the present investigations viz, Phytolacca dodecandra (Endod), Croton macrostachyus (Bisana) and Amaranthes spinosus (Dalile). We were able to show the significant values for Traditional Medicine (Plants) when we compared the cure/ treatment with Allopathic Medicine. Statistical analyses (ANOVA) gave a positive value for Traditional Medicine (F=3.0205-Homogeneous) and Allopathic Medicine (F=4.9692 a non Homogeneous) at F-table value at 5% level with (2, 27) degrees of freedom showing that these are potential medicine for curing Rabies. Based on our clinical investigations we recommend Traditional Medicine from Plants which has greater potency to diagnose can be helpful to common/ Natives who cannot afford to go to Allopathic Medicine.